About Us

Bella Turbines is a new company situated in North Devon which has acquired the rights to develop and produce a range of wind and water powered electric turbines that were produced by the now defunct Smart Power Products. These proven designs, using a vertical blade to reduce the size and visual impact of the turbine, have been further developed to be better than ever. They can be constructed in a number of ways including on roofs and roof ridges, where they are no more obtrusive than a chimney pot.

Chimney Pot Turbine

Our smallest domestic turbine, The Chimney Pot Turbine is designed to resemble a chimney pot. and perfectly blend in with the existing rooftop furniture. Available in two sizes, and in three colours (terracotta, black or ivory) the Chimney Pot Turbine delivers 80 or 120 watts at 11 mps. or 25mph. Beautifully quiet in operation and effortlessly reliable This fantastic little power source is a perfect for domestic back up or even a primary power source for low voltage lighting and light duty work.

Clock Tower Turbine

Purpose built to cope with very demanding conditions the Clock Tower Turbine is both powerful and beautiful. Delivering from 200 tol 500 watts at 11 mps or 25 mph, The Clock Tower Turbine can be tailored to suit any style of roof top. Available in any colour and any style, The Clock Tower Turbine will enhance any property and supply up to plenty of power for domestic needs. Available in three sizes and any colour and any style of roof

Block Turbine

The Block Turbine is Bella Turbine's commercial power source. Designed to be easily assembled and transported in containers, the Block Turbine has a unique design philosophy aimed at offering a reliable power source in the remotest of places. If you can deliver a 20 foot or 40 foot container to a flat and solid foundation where wind is present, then we can supply you with endless power. Up to 6 Block Turbines can be stacked to create a tower which can be used in a variety of ways, including to create a lookout point for surveillance or as pylon for suspending vital utilities such as fibre optics, electricity, and even water!